Job Openings

Immediate Openings

For the upcoming academic year (starting immediately)

To meet the needs of our children, and the high number of inquiries received in regards to the therapeutic services we provide, we are looking to recruit:

We are also seeking to hire:

Year Round Openings in Shanghai

Our excellent Psycho-Educational Assessment and Learning Support services continue to be in very high demand, whilst the number of families seeking support for behavioral issues has also increased. We are therefore also seeking to hire:

Marketing and Business Professionals

We are looking for marketing and business professionals to join us and make a difference.

Special Education Professionals

Program Leaders
Program leaders at ELG’s Programs are responsible for providing educational instruction to children or young adults in a structured classroom environment designed to promote intellectual, emotional and social growth.

Program Facilitators
Program facilitators work in our daily program under the direct off a Program Leader, usually someone with a Special Education teaching degree. Program Assistants can be international or Chinese, and work to support students’ learning objectives. Weekly training and coaching is provided.

Therapists and Mental Health Professionals

We are always looking to hire new therapists for our team of Mental Health Professionals:

Job openings for therapists and specialists to join our services and programs teams:

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for a position, please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Please tell us what position you are interested in, why you are interested and what unique qualities you have.

If you don’t think you quite fit the jobs we have advertised, we would still love to hear from you! Send a speculative application to [email protected].

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