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“ELG Programs have made a personal difference to my son. He’s changed so much it’s been incredible, a complete turnaround. He’s gone from not speaking at all to verbalizing what he wants. It’s as though his whole persona has woken up!”

– ELG parent


Your child has unique needs. Your child might be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, have developmental delays, learning disabilities, behavioral or mental health challenges. And it’s frustrating for you that they’re not getting the special care and attention to help them become full participants in their schools, families, and communities.

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Assessing and understanding your child’s needs. What specific help does your child need now and in the future? Would they need extra and specialized help to succeed in school, practice skills in small groups, or even intensive services for their special needs? READ MORE →

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“Coming to ELG is the best thing that could have happened to my son; he wouldn’t have received this level of care back in America!”

– ELG parent


Why we love what we do — our story

We’ve been on a quest since 2006 to prepare children with special needs to become active and full participants in their schools, families, and communities.

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To help meet your needs, we’ve assembled a team of over 30 multi-disciplinary professionals from 14 different countries and regions.

“The ELG staff are genuine, authentic, caring, dedicated, patient and always on the lookout for the best possible outcome for each child.”

– ELG parent


2022 JANUARY 16


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We recognize the issues that families and children with special needs face at home, in schools and within communities in society. The journey can be tough at times, and we all need help and support along the way.

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