By Angela Cruz, Marketing Director

ELG at Forum for Expat Service Providers (FESP)

ELG was honored to have been a Tier 1 sponsor for this year’s Forum for Expat Service Providers (FESP). The forum took place on Wednesday, April 26 at Parkyard Hotel, hosted by Community Center Shanghai. There were panel discussions and workshops on the shifting markets of Shanghai’s workforce and the new work visa process that ELG was happy to be a part of.

Mooney Niu’s Seminar on Grief and Growth

DSC00554ELG’s Mooney Niu, Mental Health Counselor, gave a thought-provoking and practical workshop on how to deal with grief. Grief can include the loss of friends, teachers, and mentors, which is especially prevalent in this time of year with students graduating or moving away from Shanghai. Parents and teachers were taught how to guide children through the grieving process, and how to build resilience in the children in their care.

Workshop on Creativity and Self-Discovery at Shanghai High School International Division

A group of ELG’s specialists facilitated a workshop on self-expression and creativity at Shanghai High School International Division. The workshop allowed participants to be both active and to explore their self-awareness.

Nuanxing Community Workshop for Children with Autism

On April 9, the Nuanxing Community organized a 3-hour workshop in Chongqing for parents and teachers for children with autism. The focus of the workshop was on developing children’s language and communication skills. During the workshop, Siyang Sun, Speech-Language Pathologist, introduced the developmental milestones of speech, language and communication, explained the relationship of the development of children’s different areas, and provided some parent-child activities in reading, daily life, and games to improve the core deficits (e.g. joint attention, language and communication skills, life skills, and theory of mind) in children with autism.

Fiona Douglas at Anti-Domestic Violence Forum

Fiona Douglas, Clinic Director and Social Worker, participated in a panel at a forum on combatting domestic violence, co-hosted by UN Women and the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai. The forum focused on multi-sectoral responses to domestic violence and on the role that non-governmental organizations (including businesses) can play in preventing violence.

Dr. Shari Rosen at ACAMIS English Language Learning Conference

Dr. Shari Rosen, ELG Co-founder, Speech-Language Pathologist and Program Director, spoke at the 2017 ACAMIS English Language Learning Conference hosted at Yew Chung International School. Teachers from across China attended her presentation about “Language Differences vs. Disorders”. They learned to spot red flags and what “problems” are likely just part of the language learning process, rather than an indication of a learning disability. Andrea Griego, YCIS Student Support Coordinator and 2017 ACAMIS ELL Conference Organizer, said to Dr. Shari Rosen: “I would like to thank you for your informative and insightful presentation on Friday. It had many participants wanting more! You were a part of the success of the conference.”​

Training Programs Continue

Various training programs by our specialists have carried on:

  • The Love and Logic® parent program by Speech-Language Pathologist Evelyn Willemyns continues at an international school.
  • Junci Wu, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, presented an informative workshop entitled “Behavior Strategies at Home”.
  • Anne Muurlink and Lei Jin, Educational Psychologists at ELG, help develop self-confidence in the “Building Self Esteem” program.
  • It’s the time of the year where Psychologist Davy Guo and Educational Psychologist Lei Jin run a series of workshops at international schools in Shanghai, focusing on transitions, such as transitions to a new class, new school, or a new city.
  • Fiona Douglas led a training workshop at ELG for a group working on domestic violence support.