By Angela Cruz, Marketing Director

ELG and Adoption Resources China parents were invited to join ELG’s Clinical Psychologist and Sleep Specialist, Dr. Guanghai Wang, to learn about childhood sleeping problems, the relationship between inadequate sleep and behavior, and tips for helping their children sleep. This free talk gave parents an opportunity to ask questions and get advice in an intimate setting from an expert.

For more information about Sleep Services at ELG, contact Client Services at [email protected], +86 4006 129 423 or +86 (21) 5206 6273.

Supporting Schools to Support Students

On January 7 and 8, ELG’s Speech-Language Pathologist, Reyhaneh Rajabzadeh, supported an international school in Shanghai throughout their admissions screening days for prospective students. She worked closely with school staff to accurately and fairly identify the needs and strengths of prospective children, so that an appropriate placement, supports, and commitment to meeting each child’s needs could be established from day one.

“Reyhaneh did a great job this weekend,” a staff member told us in a follow up email, “blending well with staff and giving the input that I so badly wanted and needed on prospective students.”

If your school is interested in this form of Specialist support, please contact our Clinic Director, Fiona (Yapp) Douglas at [email protected].


Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training, Shanghai Ministry of Education

On January 6, ELG’s Clinic Director, Fiona (Yapp) Douglas, was invited to provide training to local school officials and school counselors in Shanghai on the critical topic of “International Best Practice in Child Protection – How to Respond to Complex Cases of Abuse, Neglect and Family Violence”. Fiona has worked in the child welfare sector for a decade, and, utilizing her experience as a registered Child Protection Social Worker in the UK, she has developed effective response systems appropriate for the Shanghai environment. The Director of the Ministry of Education introduced Fiona, and thanked her for sharing her UK-based expertise, as these issues are of major concern to the Ministry. Fiona was encouraged by the clear commitment and hard work being undertaken by schools in order to keep their most vulnerable children safe from harm, and she was humbled by this important opportunity to share her insights and effective assessment and intervention strategies. 

Skill Building in Hong Kong

Jing Chiu, Occupational Therapist and Expressive Arts Therapist, attended a training in Hong Kong for Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) for children with developmental delay and autism spectrum disorder. Jing found the training beneficial in giving her a better understanding of atypical development for children with those needs and how she can combine NDT with a sensory integration approach.

Siyang Sun

Angela Cruz, B.A.

Marketing Director

Angela is a social impact marketer who has worked in Canada, England, and China.  Angela oversees the Marketing Department, raising awareness about ELG’s high quality services and encouraging families to access the support ELG offers. She is in awe of special educators and therapists who do valuable, heartfelt work. She is proud to promote their knowledge, talents and passion.