By Angela Cruz, Marketing Director


On February 18, we held our latest Professional Development Day, “Motivation is Fun(damental)”. Teachers were given games and exercises they can use to help motivate their students, tips for keeping students motivated, and explanations for what might be behind unmotivated students. They also learned about how crucial sleep is to school performance; we shared academic research that they can pass on to students and parents who may think that late night studying pays off (it doesn’t!).

Check out the blog section of our website for articles about motivation written by Saturday’s speakers.


Panel Discussion at NYU: The Role of Civil Society & NGOs in Development

On February 17, ELG co-founder and director, Andrew Hill, spoke to NYU students about the realities of running a non-profit organization in China. As chairman of Xiersen, ELG’s sister NGO, he was able to contrast the two approaches: ELG as a social enterprise and Xiersen as a non-governmental organization. He gave students a practical view of how to work with government to create effective, sustainable programs. He told students frankly about the need for people who want to make a difference in China to stay here long-term and work with the government to help solve social problems.

International School Trainings Continue

International schools have continued to invite our specialists to help parents eager for information about how they can best support and connect with their children. Sarah Bilodeau, Dramatherapist, and Davy Guo, Psychologist, have delivered talks about play, routines, listening, discipline, self-regulation, attachment, and more! Later this month, Monte Rosen, ELG Co-founder and Managing Director, and Milena Stamenkovic, Psychologist and Psychotherapist, will host a workshop for parents about how to talk to their teens about drugs.

In addition to our professional development day, February also included teacher trainings by Sarah; Davy; Eva Cheung, Program Assistant; and Regina Nicolas Schaufelberger, Physical Therapist and Sensory Integration Specialist.

If your school wants to invite us to share our knowledge with families or staff, please get in touch with our Clinic Director, Fiona Douglas, at [email protected].

Siyang Sun

Angela Cruz, B.A.

Marketing Director

Angela is a social impact marketer who has worked in Canada, England, and China.  Angela oversees the Marketing Department, raising awareness about ELG’s high quality services and encouraging families to access the support ELG offers. She is in awe of special educators and therapists who do valuable, heartfelt work. She is proud to promote their knowledge, talents and passion.