ELG offers an interdisciplinary, international daily program in China for children and adults with special needs. We provide services from birth through adulthood for clients who cannot get their needs met through mainstream schools or other service providers.

Who We Serve

Typically our clients are on the autism spectrum, have global development delays, behavior problems, learning disabilities, genetic conditions or need to intensely develop skills before moving to a mainstream school.

ELG’s Mission

To help individuals to achieve their full potential by enabling them to develop essential tools for social, emotional and academic success.

The ELG Approach

ELG ensures that the whole team works together in achieving an individual’s academic and emotional goals.

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Our Programs

From intensive early intervention to adult life skills, ELG offers a range of programs to suit our families’ specific needs.

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Educational Tools and Methodologies

ELG’s interdisciplinary team uses a range of evidence-based methodologies to help every individual fulfill their potential.

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The Value of ELG

From supporting the family to access to a community of experts, ELG provides value over and above our day-to-day program activities.

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“Although I’ve found support for special education in Shanghai is overall a lot worse than back in America, ELG has been the equal of anything back home, if not better.”

– Sophie, ELG Parent