Our Programs

We provide a broad range of programs suited to every age and type of learner. We believe that anyone can learn through receiving the right amount of support which can only be accomplished with thorough understanding.

Early Intervention Program (Age Birth-6)

Our Early Intervention Program consists of intensive support and focuses on young learners, when it benefits them most. We aim to accelerate physical, social and communication development through purposeful play and therapeutic pre-academic activities appropriate to age and ability.

Follow a day in our Early Intervention Program.

Read about the importance of early intervention.

Academic Programs With Learning Support (Age 6-14)

Our Academic Programs provide learning support to children who need a bit more help in their studies. From developing communication or social skills these programs provide a support network around children to allow them to achieve their full academic potential.

Follow a day with our Academic Program leader.

Intensive Programs (Age 6-18)

Our Intensive Programs are designed to foster global development, communication and appropriate academic skills. Through comprehensive therapy and in depth support we aim to guide children towards increased independence.

Life Skills Programs (Age 14+)

Our Life Skills program is aimed at anyone who needs more help in increasing independence in everyday life. From dealing with and recognizing complicated emotions to shopping in the supermarket, we can give anyone the skills they need to achieve.

Custom Programs (Any age)

At ELG we believe the individual comes first, and so we both customize each part of every program that we offer to suit specific needs, and are also able to design whole new programs if this would bring the best outcomes. Don’t hesitate to contact our international team of specialists, to see what we can do for you.

I definitely feel staff here are trying to understand my son. There’s a real desire not to judge and help him feel that he’s not in trouble.

– Lucy, ELG Parent