The Value of ELG Programs

At ELG we have an international and multidisciplinary team of specialists who work together to reinforce learning all day long. In a typical environment parents spend their day fitting pieces of support together, only to end up with a “team” that doesn’t coordinate efforts or work together. Here we are all working from the same plan in order to provide an integrated approach to each individual’s needs and goals.

We welcome all family members to our ELG community of friendship, support, and learning. We understand the challenges of caring for a child with special needs, so we offer safe, consistent, and friendly opportunities for your family members to access support and advice when needed.

Activities include:

  • Monthly parent coffee mornings
  • Training and consultation
  • Active participation in Individualized Education Plan development and review meetings
  • Access to clinic services, if needed
  • Daily communication with parents
  • Home visits
  • Social events

ELG has allowed my son to have a good time in Shanghai and it’s made the whole stay much easier.

– Sophie, ELG Parent