By Angela Cruz, Marketing Director

Essential Learning Group is so excited to host the 9th Annual Therapeutic Summer Program this year! If you’re interested in taking part in this year’s Summer Program, why not check out what we did last year?

Last year, we hosted our 8th Annual Therapeutic Summer Program at ELG, which proved to be a fun, social and educational experience for all the kids (and staff!) involved. The daily program focused on activities that would encourage social development and confidence. Based at our Lujiazui campus, children enjoyed one-on-one attention from a cohesive and diverse team of staff and volunteers, led by physical therapist and sensory integration specialist Regina Nicolas Schaufelberger. The children were immersed in a Chinese and English learning environment, with instructions given in both languages and encouragement to use both.

Each day began with the same activities: free play, a structured and interactive morning meeting and story-time, complete with thorough discussions. The rest of the day, however, provided opportunities for the children to explore new and exciting tasks.

Twice a week, children went on outings. They visited Family, a local pool facility. At Family, they played with water toys and practiced their swimming skills. Enjoying the summer weather, they visited a park where they played social games like musical chairs and explored the woods and trails. Lego PlayStation was also a hit, giving children the chance to make plans and construct objects such as boats and racecars. These changes of scenery weren’t just fun and games – by learning through experience, they also helped the children develop life skills, independence, and social emotional-regulation.

Our staff designed activities that could be used to incorporate a range of skills and build upon previous knowledge. For example, art projects were often combined with social games. To play “Animal Kingdom”, where children pretended to be different animals, they first constructed their own masks. Another week, they practiced an emergency scenario with a fire truck and ambulance they put together earlier in the day. Getting messy and playing with their friends was a great way to sneak in skill development and learning!

Despite the large variety of topics and tasks, their daily schedules maintained a similar routine. This type of programming meant children could recognize and anticipate activities, easing their transition into and out of summer vacation. They got the best of both worlds: a structured system with exciting new activities to look forward to each day.

Program leader Regina Nicolas Schaufelberger described last year’s program as “an enriching experience.” “It’s amazing how different people with different backgrounds, from all over the world, support the children. Fun is such an understatement.” We can’t wait for even more children to join us at this year’s 9th Annual Summer Program!

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  • Dates: June 19 – July 28, 2017 (registration is on a weekly basis)
  • Cost: ¥5350 per week (incl. taxes)
  • Location: ELG Puxi Campus, No. 19-20, Lane 209, Zhen Nan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai


To register, call 4006 129 423 or (21) 5206 6273.

Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

For more information, email [email protected].