Authors: Alison Fung, Marketing Coordinator

Davy Guo, Psychologist

Clean, simple and effective, it’s no wonder the Headspace app is so popular with meditation beginners and experts. This app provides guided meditation training and teaches you the basics of mindfulness, including breathing techniques and visualization, accompanied by a simple, visually pleasing interface and charming animations.

Headspace was created by a former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe, who is the calming voice that guides you through mindful meditation.

Beginning with the free ten-day “Basics” pack, the app encourages you to practice meditation on a daily basis. There are options to complete mini-meditations, which are only 1-3 minutes long, designed for people with busy schedules, as well as guided and unguided meditations for as long as 60 minutes. The point is to keep a daily routine for meditation, so you always make time to calm down and relax.

In your profile, you’ll also be able to view your statistics, such as the time you’ve spent meditating and the average duration of each session.

While the app is free to download, a subscription unlocks full access to all the different themed packs and lessons. Themes include: Foundation, Health, Brave, Happiness, Work & Performance, Students, Headspace Pro and Sport, each with a free session for you to try out. There’s even a category for children (toddlers to preteens), with topics such as Sleep, Kindness, and Focus.

Headspace is available for free download with in-app purchases in English on iOS and Android.