My child has some delays or special needs, where can I look for professional support in Shanghai? 

How can I choose the right one for my child, while there are so many adverts that confuse me?

Can I ‘try’ some full-day programs before I can make a decision?


If that is you, 

we are here to support you!

ELG 2020 Summer Program is now open for registration.

Tailored for children with special needs, our Summer Program offers a flexible schedule that enables families to enroll on a weekly basis

  • Date: June 15 – July 31, 2020 (7 weeks)

  • Location: ELG Puxi Campus

  • Target: Children age 3 and up

  • Tuition: 6,000 RMB/week

Seats are limited and will be granted on a first come, first served basis.

Packed with hands-on activities, ELG’s Summer Program is where children will develop a variety of skills – social, language, fine motor, and academic skills. ELG’s professionally trained team of therapists and special educators use evidence-based research and practices when developing each activity. And our high adult-to-child ratio (3 children to 1 adult) ensures that each child receives highly individualized attention and support.

Take a look at our past highlights

(Please note: The following examples are for reference only. Final activities will be arranged according to children’s actual needs.)

Field Trips

Fun-filled field trips enable children to develop independence and explore new ideas, meanwhile improve language and social skills.


Yum! Children learn useful life skills like measuring, following directions, and kitchen safety while cooking and baking in ELG’s fully equipped kitchen.

Arts & Crafts

Cut it! Fold it! Make it! Children will get creative and develop listening and fine motor skills – while making lots of arts and crafts.

Science Experiments

Move over, Einstein! Immersed in fun science experiments, The ELG kids are here to ask questions, explore ideas and develop their attentiveness. 

Music & Movement

Feel the groove! Through music and movement, children will discover new ways to express themselves while boosting self-esteem.

What ELG families said:

Being with other children and having lots of different activities clearly helps her to use up extra energy, because she is more relaxed and satisfied when she is at home in the evenings now. As a mother, nothing makes me happier than seeing my child happy!

I think Calvin’s social interaction with therapists and other children showed the most improvement. He is now willing to actively listen to teachers and cooperate willingly. At the start, he did not want to engage with others and asked to be taken home. Calvin especially enjoyed his time on the swing, and he was even unwilling to leave when the program ended. Both Calvin and I look forward to joining in the next year.

Scan the QR code to sign up NOW! Seats are limited.