Led by: Robin Shepard, Early Intervention Program Leader at The Essential Learning Group


Thursday March 17th, 2016 from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM.


ELG Lujiazui Campus, 814 Pudong Ave, 5th Floor, Shanghai


The Essential Learning Group
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In this seminar, geared towards teachers and educators, we will introduce the concept of social learning, analyze where and how social learning problems can occur, and discuss different kinds of social communicators and what puts some children at risk for academic problems.


We are born with brains wired for social intelligence. Most of us can easily take in large amounts of information, analyze it for clues, and create an appropriate social response in just a fraction of a second – and we do it all the time.

But what happens to people whose brains cannot process social information efficiently or correctly? In addition to having problems making and keeping friends, these individuals are at increased risk for depression and other mental health issues. They are also likely to experience problems academically.


Like any other learning challenge or disability (such as with math or reading) some people need to be taught explicitly, step by step, how to think about social problems and situations so that they make sense. They need learning strategies which they can apply to future situations so that they can begin to develop true social intelligence on their own.

This seminar will also provide an overview of specific Social Thinking® techniques and curricula available to help facilitate social learning in the school environment.

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Robin Shepard

Robin Shepard

Program Leader

Before joining The Essential Learning Group in 2013, Robin worked with children in a mainstream international school environment in Guangzhou. She spent over 4 years developing curricula that incorporated music, full body movement, and learning through play.