By Regina Nicolas Schaufelberger, Physical Therapist and Sensory Integration Specialist

Week two was not only a fun-filled week, but we also had the pleasure to get to know more about these fantastic children and watch them develop their skills and knowledge! This week, our theme was Nature.

 Read on for some tidbits about each day!

Monday: Our movement class was set up outside enjoying the sun with running, jumping, and parachutes!

Tuesday: A cooking activity, “Dirt ‘n’ Worms”, combined improving our culinary skills with learning about soil, insects, and plants. The children loved it!

Wednesday: Wednesday was Science Day! We made a volcano in the program room out of Coke and Mentos, learning about chemical reactions. What a sight!

Thursday: We got to practice motor skills, math, and planning, while using different senses to experience natural mango ice cream making. We didn’t have a hard time finding taste testers!

Friday: The sun is not out but we were! Playing hot potato with the children is a perfect way to cool off! Another Water Day enjoyed by all.