By Regina Nicolas Schaufelberger, Physical Therapist and Sensory Integration Specialist

We’ve hit the halfway point for the summer. What a whirlwind of activities and fun we’ve had already! In the kitchen, on the playground, and in therapy rooms, we’ve been busy engaging, learning, and growing together. 

Read on to see what we got up to this week: 


We worked on turn taking, developing our fine motor skills, and sharing! These skills are especially useful at lunch time.


Music time was the highlight of our Tuesday with a dance-off in the movement room featuring our own little Michael Jacksons! The hat transports us to a different world!


We brought out the kinetic sand and used a therapeutic approach to calm children, explore their sensory skills, and be creative.


We made field trip outfits; tie-dye shirts for everyone! Mixing the colors together is such a great sensory task, providing an experience for the eyes and the hands.


Water Fun Day is everyone’s favorite day and it doesn’t get old, even for the children who are with us for the third week in a row. The sun beamed down on their excited (sunscreen-covered) faces!

More therapeutic fun in store for the next half of the summer. A few spaces remain. Complete our enquiry form, email [email protected], or call (21) 5206 6273 for more information.