By Regina Nicolas Schaufelberger, Physical Therapist and Sensory Integration Specialist

Here’s a taste of what we got up to in our first week of Summer Program! We had a delightful week getting to know the children who attended and watching them develop, learn, and have fun together.


We were welcomed with big smiles! We met our new friends and the staff and interns who would be teaching us and running activities over the course of the week. We started the day with drawing and science activities.


This week’s theme is “The World of Animals”. On Tuesday, we explored different animals’ habits and how they move, giving us a chance to use gross motor skills and learn new facts.


We got cooking! Cooking is a great activity for practicing planning, using fine and gross motor skills, doing math, and gaining new aptitudes in the kitchen. We also got our blood pumping, completing structured obstacle courses.


Back in the kitchen, we prepared dessert for Friday. Ice cream! We explored the idea of differences, such as temperature (hot and cold), flavors (sweet and salty), and colors. Everyone got involved in mixing up the tasty treat.


A favorite Summer Program tradition, Water Fun Friday, continues in 2018! Water balloons were flying, there was a lot of splashing, and laughter could be heard throughout the campus.