By Liz Habersham, Marketing Intern

It’s that beautiful time of year when school has ended, the sun is out, and a vacation is at top of mind. If you’re a parent, getting to spend more quality time with your child can be one of the biggest highlights, and one of the biggest challenges, of the summer. Going from busy days in school to a completely empty schedule can be a big shock to everyone. As summer drags on, their restless energy might even lead to use of the dreaded b-word: bored.

We’re here to help! Option 1: Let ELG’s team take over with our immersive summer program. This way, your child will remain physically and mentally engaged with a variety of fun and educational activities. Our program involves a lot of hands-on tasks, such as crafting, that help develop your child’s active imagination!

Crafting is one of the perfect ways to make use of those lazy summer days and spend time with your child. To those less crafty, however, the concept can sound tedious or expensive. There is one craft that’s perfect for both an idle child and a parent on-the-go. Introducing the “Bored Jar”!


Colored Paper


Mason Jar

Stickers, Ribbon, Glitter (optional)


It’s just what it sounds like! Take a picnic blanket and some snacks and sit down with your child on a sunny day early in the summer. Make a list of some of their favorite activities that can be done around the house or the neighborhood. These can range from making popcorn balls, to riding a bike, to playing with a pet-the list goes on! There are also plenty of already-made lists available if you’d like some inspiration. The steps are:

  1. Cut small, foldable slips of paper
  2. Brainstorm a list of fun activities
  3. Write a different activity on each slip of paper
  4. Decorate your jar!


Once you and your child have finished those 4 easy steps, the jar is ready to use! Now, when your child complains about a lack of things to do, you can just direct them to their newly-made craft. They now have a customized reminder of the many ways to fill their summer days!

Adapt this idea for meal ideas, date night activities, or miscellaneous self-care when you manage to find a free block of time but just can’t decide how to best use your “me time”!

Happy summer and happy crafting!