Author: Regina Nicolas, Physical Therapist and Sensory Integration Specialist

with Ronni Rowland, Writer

Summer fun means gathering together with friends and family. Try this funny silly Summer Program activity that will make everyone laugh!

“Musical Clothes” is a lively activity to share with a small group of children. Before playing, prepare a big bag full of dress-up items. Use colorful hats, purses, jewelry, scarves, and unusual clothing of your own. Find inexpensive items like wacky wigs, costumes and masks online. You’ll also need a small mirror and upbeat music to accompany the fun!

This activity is the perfect way to be silly and share a lot of laughs. The children won’t even realize they’re learning motor and social skills, too!

How To Play

First, sit in a circle, with the large bag of dress-up items in the middle. Give the mirror to one child.

Next, start the music and have the children pass around the mirror one by one.  

Stop the music, the child holding the mirror chooses something to wear out of the large bag.

After the child puts on the item say, “Look in the mirror, what do you see? What kind of character or creature are you?”Invite other children to share their ideas, too!

Start the music and continue playing. Stop the music when a different child is holding the mirror. Be sure every child has a chance to choose multiple items from the bag! 

When everyone is dressed up with nothing left in the bag, play the music and enjoy a silly dance! 


What Can I Teach My Child?

  1. Motor Skills: Help your child develop fine motor skills by putting on and fastening different items from the bag. Dancing and big physical movements promote gross motor skills.  
  2. Social Skills: Encourage your child to patiently take turns while waiting to choose an item from the bag. If you see a child feeling embarrassed or hesitant about being “silly,” allow them to watch for as long as they like.
  3. Listening Skills: Help your child to recognize when the music starts and stops.
  4. Language Skills: Boost language skills and build vocabulary by asking your child questions: What kind of character or creature are you? How do you feel when you dress up like that? Which item from the bag is your favorite? Why?
  5. Creativity/Imagination: Give your child time for “pretend play” and taking silly photos.

For more therapeutic summer activities, be sure to sign your child up for ELG’s immersive Summer Program! ELG’s experienced specialists have designed each activity to target and enhance different areas, from social skills and self-regulation to motor skills and sensory integration. Registration is on a weekly basis. Email [email protected] to register or for more information.