Author: Regina Nicolas, Physical Therapist and Sensory Integration Specialist

with Ronni Rowland, Writer

Are you ready to bring out the scientist in your child? Try this Summer Program activity that teaches the concept of gravity in a creative way.

When objects drop to the ground, it is because of gravity, an invisible force that pulls objects toward the center of the earth. Gravity is what keeps you on the ground instead of floating up to the sky! It’s also what makes things fall.

This hands-on activity lets your child experiment with different materials and structures to ‘defeat’ gravity and keep an egg from breaking.


This list includes helpful suggestions, but your child can try any item to make the egg drop container. Of course, you must have eggs!

  • Eggs (at least one).
  • Plastic bags, sponges, boxes, cups, balloons, tissue, cardboard rolls.
  • Bubble wrap/packing material, cotton balls, modeling clay/PlayDoh, water.
  • Drinking straws, popsicle sticks.
  • Tape, string, wire, rubber bands.

Watch this video for fun ideas.

What To Do 

  • First, gather all the materials for creating the egg drop container together on a table. Put the eggs in a bowl to prevent them from rolling off the table!
  • Next, look at photos of sample ideas for inspiration. Ask your child questions such as, “Which materials do you think will protect the egg the best? Why?” “What kind of structure do you want to make for your egg?” It’s fun to brainstorm lots of ideas!
  • Then, have your child choose a container (box shape). Fill the container with soft material (e.g. tissue) and put the egg inside. Secure it with tape or string.
  • Finally, go to a high up location, such as the second floor or the top of a slide. (Be sure to cover the floor/ground with plastic or paper for easy clean-up if the egg breaks.)

Now it’s time for the Egg Drop! Drop the egg in the container and watch!

It’s fun to discuss with your child “What did you see?”, “What happened?”, “Why did the egg break?”

Try the egg drop again from a different height or make a new container! For a fun twist, you can try making a more complex container using materials such as straws and balloons. Selecting less obvious materials is a great way to encourage creativity and experimentation!

What Can I Teach My Child?

  1. Fine & Gross Motor Skills: Help your child develop fine motor skills by putting together the pieces of the egg drop container. Larger physical movements such as walking upstairs or climbing playground equipment to drop the egg  promote gross motor skills.
  2. Literacy Goals: Encourage your child to talk about what they do during each step of the project. Ask questions like, “What do you think will happen when you drop the egg from a different height?”
  3. Creativity: Give your child plenty of time to experiment with different materials and heights during this project.

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