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Have you ever had your children tag along in the kitchen while you are cooking or cleaning, and wondered…how can I keep them entertained while I am busy?

Moms, dads, and caregivers, never fear! Science is here! Behold…Magic Milk!!!

How do I make magic milk?

  • Ingredients: Milk, a bowl, food coloring, cotton swabs, and dish soap.

First, pour some milk into the bowl.

Second, squeeze a few drops of different food coloring into the bowl.

Third, take a cotton swab and dab the dish soap.

Last, carefully brush the cotton swab over the surface of the milk.

Voila!!! Magic!!!

What can I teach my child?

1. Language:

  • Sequencing: Can you retell the steps of this experiment?
  • Quantity: How much milk? Is it too much or too little?
  • Time: How long did it take for the milk to change color?

2. Academics:

  • Numbers: How many drops of blue did you put in?
  • Colors: What color do you want?

3. Science:

  • Cause-and-Effect: What happened? Why did it happen?
  • Making predictions: What do you think would happen if you did the same thing again?

Next time your kids are running after each other in the kitchen, or complaining about being bored on a rainy day, whip out some milk and show them some cool science! Have a blast!!

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