By Sarah Bilodeau, Dramatherapist

These tips below have shown to be helpful in times of need/crisis/confusion or shock.

Connect with safety

1. Remind yourself that in this moment, you are not in danger and that you are here.

2. Work with your senses to connect with this sense of safety. For example, feel your feet supported by the ground, notice continuities and movement in nature, such as passing clouds, the wind, or the sun rising or setting.

Mobilize inner strength

3. Remember and visualize a time when you were at ease in your environment.

4. Close your eyes and picture this place. See what was happening at the time. Then open your eyes and sense how this leaves you feeling and connect with this, in your body, as though it’s a part of you. Give a title/name/word to this part of you.

5. Reflect on how this inner feeling and strength may have enabled you to overcome other obstacles in the past.

6. Reflect on how you’ve survived and worked through other unexpected challenges.

Allow and express feelings

 7. Keep an awareness of this strength and start paying attention to other feelings which may be in relation to the incident. Take a moment to acknowledge and breathe into those feelings.

8. Know that it is okay to feel shocked, anxious, sad, upset, and any other feelings you may have in the face of this situation and loss.

9. Allow the strength in you which you have named to be a friend to these different feelings -like a supportive and reassuring carer that holds these feelings like a parent holds a child.

10. Speak to a significant other, write/draw your feelings, or seek professional help to express and work through discomforting feelings and thoughts.

If you or someone you know needs someone to talk to, Lifeline Shanghai is available in English from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm every day. Call (021) 6279 8990 or visit for live chat and WeChat support details. For support in Chinese, the Psychological National Line can be reached at 12320 and Hopeline is 400 161 9995.