ELG welcomed over 200 teachers, counselors, parents, and education professionals to our Puxi campus on Saturday November 9th, 2019, to refresh their skills and learn new tips for fostering young readers and talkers. 

Participants came not just from Shanghai, but also all the way from Nanjing, Changzhou, and even Beijing.

Feedback for our Professional Development Day was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees commenting:
“I [feel] I could go to work on Monday and apply what I learnt.” 
“Really good sessions that were beneficial to both the experienced experts and people new to early education work. ” 
“Great activities!” 

This free training day was centered around strategies for developing reading skills and encouraging speech development. ELG specialists offered their expertise to educators hungry to learn more about how they can best support their students.

Dr. Shari Rosen, founder, speech-language language pathologist, and Tiffany Chen, speech-language pathologist, led an engaging workshop on the relationship between language and literacy development. Key information on best practices were shared through playful demonstrations, leaving participants full of ideas to use in their own classrooms. 

Phoebe Jan, occupational therapist, delivered an interactive workshop around sensory strategies to engage children in reading.

Miriam McBreen, reading specialist, delivered an informative talk on fostering an early love of reading; how to create an engaging and individualized reading classroom. 

Elis Poh, learning support and dyslexia therapist, dispelled myths about dyslexia and bilingualism, shared information on assessment, and offered intervention strategies to support educators in how to help their own students.

Ranjini Narayan, program leader, and Tiffany Liang, senior program facilitator, spoke about adapting to student needs through differentiating reading instruction. They shared key supports and strategies for teaching reading and encouraged participants to re-examine thoughts around common reading problems.

Jojo Liang, occupational therapist, delivered a practical workshop on developing handwriting skills for children. Participants engaged in fun activities to learn about the development of pre-writing and handwriting, as well as strategies to improve handwriting skills. 

We look forward to hosting our next professional development day in March 2020! Stay tuned for registration information.