Monte and Shari at Halloween 2015                      We are thrilled to be launching our 10th year in Shanghai! This is a year of reflection and celebration for us. We’re thinking about what we’ve  accomplished during the past decade, bringing educators and therapists to China and developing programs and frameworks to help children and families. We are also reflecting on how Shanghai has evolved and how we can do things better to match what families need. Managing Director Monte Rosen shares his thoughts on turning 10 and talks about how we plan  to celebrate with our community during the upcoming year.

We’ve also collected stories from our founders, staff and parents. Our three founders told us the amazing story behind ELG in a recent interview. Make sure to also check out some new stories and experiences from parents and staff at ELG.

This month’s newsletter is packed with some great content we’ve developed recently: a communication milestones checklist from our speech-language team, 10 ways to help your child learn through play, a sneak peek into Halloween at our full-time program (The Innovative Learning Center), and more!
Lastly, meet our new staff, including our newest member, Board-Certified Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Specialist, Joanne Li. We hope to see you at one of our celebrations during the year – and we hope you’re as excited as we are to celebrate together!
          – The Essential Learning Group Team

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10 Ways to Help Your Child Learn Through Play

“While all children play to some degree, not all play is equal.” Here are 10 practical things you can do to make sure your child’s playtime is filled with learning that boosts their development.


3 Child Behaviors that Might Actually Be Signs of Language Difficulties

Speech Therapist Reyhaneh Rajabzadeh‘s column is back! In this installment, she talks 3 child behaviors that might actually be signs of language difficulties.


Sneak a peak into a day in the life of our full-time academic program.

9-Our zombies were the scariest.

15 Pictures that Perfectly Capture Why Halloween at ELG is the Best. Click if you dare…


Meet Our New Specialists

We’re thrilled to welcome the following specialists to the ELG family!  Our specialists work in our full-time program as well as in the Shanghai community.

Siyang Sun

Siyang Sun

Speech-Language  Pathologist
Languages: Mandarin, English
Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Applied
Behavior Analysis Specialist (ABA)
Languages: Mandarin, English, Japanese

NIU, Mooney - Photo 2

Mooney Niu

Mental Health Counselor

Languages: English, Mandarin


Natalie Wagner

Speech-Language  Pathologist
Languages: English

Davy - Photo

Davy Guo

Languages: Mandarin, English

does your baby at 4 months-01Communication Milestones

Our amazing team of Speech-Language Pathologists has put together this developmental milestones checklist for babies aged 0 – 3. The milestones cover speech, language and socio-emotional development.


Community Updates

Our staff has been out and about supporting the community in interesting ways. Here are some snapshots of what they’ve been up to!