Author: Alison Fung

Marketing Coordinator

We’re immensely proud of Monte Rosen, co-founder and managing director of ELG, for winning the HeforShe Man of the Year Award at IPWS’s annual Women Leadership Awards (WLA)! A huge congratulations to him, as well as the other WLA winners!

Nominated by all four of the female directors at ELG, Monte truly embodies HeforShe, in both his personal and professional endeavors. His unwavering support for his wife, co-founder and business partner, Dr. Shari Rosen, and her vision to create ELG; his commitment to providing a friendly, nurturing environment for a predominantly female staff at ELG; his volunteer work at anti-domestic violence organization Safe Haven; and his feminist-influenced parenting at home—all demonstrate his commitment to working towards gender equality.

With Dr. Shari Rosen winning last year’s Social Contributor of the Year Award and Monte Rosen winning this year’s HeforShe Man of the Year Award, we’re incredibly grateful to them for their inspirational leadership, and look forward to seeing the continued impact they make in the community.