Welcome back!

Last week, Dr. Guo shared his expertise in mental well-being with a guided meditation in ‘Stone in the Well’. Did you practice it? Was it helpful to you?

This week, Dr. Guo will be continuing his session on the topic of ‘Cost of Control’.

When humanity excels in changing and controlling our surroundings to meet our needs, it comes with a great cost. What are we really giving up when trying to control the uncontrollable? Balancing our thinking and observing ourselves may be the next step to human evolution. Find out more from Dr. Guo in his video below:

Session #Two: The Cost of Control

Click the picture above or the link here (https://v.qq.com/x/page/z3066ukp5lr.html) to watch the whole video. 

Stay tuned for our next week, when Davy will share more about Being Present.