March 2016 Newsletter
Spring is almost here, and with it, lots of exciting activity here at ELG! 
This Thursday, March 17th, we’re holding a seminar for educators in our Lujiazui Campus, on social learning and its effect on academic performance. Register.

This month, we’re highlighting Early Childhood Development. Thanks to our experts here at The Innovative Learning Center – our full-time program in Shanghai:

–          One of our bilingual Speech-Language Pathologists, Siyang Sun, shares 6 ways to nurture children in learning how to talk.

–          Frank Perrott, our Occupational Therapist and Mental Health Counselor, talks about emotional self-regulation, and shares 7 tips for parents.

–          Our experts have collaborated on an infographic on how toddlers share (hint: they don’t).

–          Last but not least, one of our ILC parents shares her thoughts in a piece about seeking early support when children are exhibiting delays.

In other news…

–          We’re now offering Voice Coaching, a new community service.

–          Han Xiong, one of our Educational Psychologists, writes about her experiences training educators in an international school in Wuxi on how to better support their students with mild needs.

–          We’re hiring! Our open positions are here.

Remember to get in touch if you have questions about what resources are available to support children and adolescents. We’re here to help.

– The Essential Learning Group Team



4 Reasons Why Parents Don’t Seek Early Intervention

One of our full time program parents has become an advocate for early education. Here she talks about 4 reasons parents can be reluctant to seek help


6 Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Language Development

Speech-Language Pathologist Siyang Sun, who specializes in young children, shares his best parent tips with us!


Toddlers Don’t Share

An infographic about toddlerhood.



7 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Emotional Self-Regulation

Emotional regulation is important in many areas of life. Occupational Therapist and Mental Health Counselor Frank Perrott talks about practical strategies for helping promote children’s emotional well-being.


ELG Without Borders – A Wuxi Story

Read a recent blog post by one of our Educational Psychologists, Han Xiong, to get a sense of how we provide remote
services and how unique expertise helps educators to work with all children.

Fi's talk

New Voice Coaching Services for Professionals

Does your voice sound brittle, hoarse? Do you have a loud or muted voice? Are you short on breath? Do you want to improve your vocal skills?
Voice coaching guides you in making specific modifications to the way you use your voice in order to meet your vocal goals.  Sessions will cover vocal hygiene, tips and tricks for a balanced and smooth voice, breathing techniques, connection of voice and body, and individual vocal coaching.
Voice coaching is particularly beneficial to people who frequently speak in public, such as teachers, actors, psychologists, doctors, professors, executives or anyone else who would like to develop their vocal skills.
Kathy Koenig, Vocal Coach and Speech-Language Pathologist, is offering training workshops and individual consultations in both ELG Puxi and ELG Lujiazui  Campuses.Contact us for more details!
We are currently accepting applications for the 2016-2017 academic year!
Join our Clinic Team! We are looking for the following Specialists:
–          Speech-Language Pathologist
–          Educational Psychologist
–          Learning Support Specialist
Join The Innovative Learning Center  Team, our full-time program in Shanghai:
–          Program Leader
Wondering what it’s like to work at ELG? Our team shares their experiences here.
Interested or have more questions? Send us your resume and cover letter! Make sure you mention what position you’re interested in.

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