XXX(自己起名) 2015-03-17 1.42.28 PMLanguage development, upcoming workshops, a day in our full-time program, working in a multi-cultural environment and more!

c199cedc-34e3-4cb9-877d-322c0a2cf264Time for Speech!  5 Ways To Support Your Toddler’s Language Development

Speech Therapist Reyhaneh Rajabzadeh‘s tips for promoting language development in toddlers.

ELG Academy consists of a series of workshops and other events tailored exclusively to educators, school administrators and other professionals working in the international education communities of East Asia.

Shanghai Upcoming Workshop Apr 22nd Wednesday Understanding Cultural Diversity and Its Effects on Behaviour

Guangzhou Upcoming Workshop Apr 22nd Wednesday Second Language Acquisition During Childhood



Blast from the Past

We dug through the treasure trove that is our blog and found some gems we had forgotten about!  This month’s blast is a really great article on working with children who have sensory processing disorder.

Mondays with Alice

Wondering what a day in the Innovative Learning Center looks like? This infographic covers it all!

6 Things You Discover Working in a Diverse International Setting

Anyone who has worked in a multi-cultural environment knows how fun (funny!) and challenging it can be. Our staff share some of their experiences working with colleagues from all over the world.

ILC Staff Stories: An A-Typical Teenaged Tantrum

Our Shanghai program staff share with us stories of what it’s like to work with special needs children. A new monthly installment. This month, Patrick Hoffman shares a story from our Life-Skills Program on working with teens to manage their emotions.


Notes from the Field

Our Clinic specialists share recent professional development and community support adventures.

Case Study: Family Support at ELG

Fiona Yapp, our Intake Specialist, describes how she put together a team of Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists to support a young child with signs of developmental delay.