Macy Xu

Program Director
M.A., Applied Behavioral Analysis, Florida Institute Technology, U.S.
M.A., Educational Leadership and Management, University of Latrobe, Australia
M.A., Teaching in Early Childhood and Primary, University of Monash, Australia
B.A., Education, University of Monash, Australia

Macy is a registered early childhood teacher in Australia. Her areas of expertise include teaching, educational management, and behavioral analysis. Macy’s love for children stems from her years of experience in Australia and China’s education sector, including being a kindergarten teacher for a local government council, Chinese academic director for a bilingual kindergarten group and behavior analyst for a reputable special needs’ organization. Macy is skilled in designing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and delivering professional interventions for children with special needs, such as the preschool based JASPER (Joint Attention Symbolic Play Engagement Regulation) intervention and Enhanced Milieu Teaching for young children with communication impairments. As ELG’s assistant program director, she provides administrative and operational leadership to the Programs team, manages the IDP process and ensures that our educational curriculum, teaching methodologies and embedded therapies effectively meet the needs of all children and families. Macy believes in taking a holistic view towards child development and consistent team collaboration. She is committed to making a positive impact in all the children and families she serves.

Mandarin, English