Jiayao Li

Program Leader
B.A. Rehabilitation Therapy,
Mudanjiang Medical University, China.

As the Program Leader at ELG, Jiayao Li possesses extensive experience and expertise in educational interventions, complemented by her Rehabilitation Therapist Certificate. She has a comprehensive understanding of working with children who have autism, developmental delays, and cerebral palsy. At ELG, Jiayao Li effectively applies teaching methodologies such as applied behavior analysis, structured teaching, and naturalistic teaching. Moreover, she excels at developing individualized teaching plans tailored to the unique characteristics and specific needs of each child. Jiayao Li firmly believes in the distinctiveness of every child, recognizing their diverse requirements and learning styles. By actively engaging and drawing upon her practical experience with these children, she adeptly employs a range of intervention techniques and instructional strategies to facilitate optimal support for their holistic development and learning. 

Mandarin, English