Author: Alison Fung, Marketing Coordinator

From apps that help teach children to read to apps that help regulate emotions, here’s a round up of educational and mental health tools you can download on your phone or tablet, as recommended by ELG’s specialists.

Little Adam Academy

Little Adam Academy is a pair of free apps that help build math and language skills through curriculum-based learning in English or Chinese interfaces. Little Adam Academy turns learning into fun, interactive games, with the aim to nurture life-long learners.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Accompanied by charming illustrations, the app’s introduction teaches you the basics of mindfulness and meditation and the science behind the benefits of meditation.

Breathing Bubbles

Breathing Bubbles is a simple social-emotional regulation tool that allows children to identify their emotions, let go of their worries, and refocus on feelings of happiness.


This app provides guided meditation training and teaches you the basics of mindfulness, including breathing techniques and visualization, accompanied by a simple, visually pleasing interface and charming animations.

Duck Duck Moose

Duck Duck Moose creates interactive apps based on popular nursery rhymes, with fun, integrated learning activities.

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