By Tingting Chen, Art Therapist

with April Shi, Marketing Coordinator

ELG’s art therapist, Tingting Chen, was invited by Shanghai Association of Medicine, Psychiatric Committee to share her expertise in art therapy intervention. Tingting holds a M.S. in art therapy and counseling from Springfield College, US. Tingting is one of the few Mandarin-speaking US-registered art therapists practicing in mainland China. 

Art therapy is a type of expressive therapy that combines art and psychotherapy. It intends to facilitate the therapeutic healing process – physiologically and psychologically – through art creation. Art therapy must be conducted by a registered or internationally qualified art therapist. 

Tingting gave a training on The Application of Art Therapy in Treating Patients with Schizophrenia at Shanghai Mental Health Center. Tingting emphasized to the attending healthcare professionals that, art therapy can be used in various settings, from hospitals to schools.  It can also be administered to patients with different diagnostic and symptomatic severity. 

Art therapy is widely used in school settings, and individual therapy. Tingting shared that art therapy is especially useful in working with children. Depending on the developmental stage, some children may lack language abilities, enough to verbalize their thoughts and feelings. This is especially true in children with autism, anxiety, and depression. Classic art therapy tools such as “The Mandala Drawing” have great therapeutic benefits, and can also be used as a way of stress management.

Following Tingting’s insightful training, the team visited Shanghai Mental Health Center, Yangpu Campus. ELG is grateful for this opportunity to share more about the area of art therapy intervention.