ELG R.E.A.C.H.es the Community


In an effort to build stronger professional ties and make a difference in our community, The Essential Learning Group joined forces with the Community Center Shanghai, as well as other social service providers, for a benefit fundraiser to spread mental health awareness and raise funds to provide subsidized counseling to people in need. The Luncheon included representatives from different walks of the expatriate community. Through attendance, sponsorships, and donations, the R.E.A.C.H. committee managed to raise over RMB20,000 for subsidized counseling! R.E.A.C.H, which stands for Respond, Educate, Advocate, Collaborate and Help those in need,is a community counseling initiative dedicated to making sure all people have access to the support they need, and to ensure no one in our community feels like they are alone.


Representatives from The Essential Learning Group, Community Service Shanghai, Lifeline Shanghai, Still Chasing Rainbows, Shanghai American School, Yew Chung International School, Abundant Grace, Shanghai Community International School, Western International School of Shanghai, New York University, and many more, all came out to show their solidarity and support for this cause.


There were speakers from all walks of life that stood and shared their unique stories, including ELG’s own Alecia Kipping, NYU Social Work Masters’ student and intern at our Clinic. Many bonds were formed, many friendships made, and most importantly, a big step was taken towards the unification and evolution of mental health services in Shanghai.

Fiona Yapp, ELG’s Clinic Director, Panelist at China Healthcare Executive Group

Fi's talk

On Friday 13th November 2015, the China Healthcare Executive Group hosted their annual AGM and a panel discussion on the topic of “the relationship between patient experience and quality outcomes”.

Fiona Yapp, Clinic Director at The Essential Learning Group, was a panel member and presented on this topic. She shared some of the key ways in which The Essential Learning Group ensures quality outcomes for clients, including high recruitment standards, multi-disciplinary case reviews and decision-making, and holistic assessments of goals and outcomes. At The Essential Learning Group there is a focus on working in partnership with the child, their parents and their school, ensuring that the client experience is measured and enhanced at every stage in the therapy process.

Parent Coffee Morning

On Friday November 27 we held another successful Parent Coffee morning for our Innovative Learning Center parents. Two of our new specialists, Siyang Sun and Joanne Li, talked about behavior management, with the goal of helping parents understand their child’s behavior. They also shared some practical tips and techniques for managing that behavior at home. One parent commented, “it’s great that ILC is not only providing the right program for my child, but also offering previous trainings to parents. I now understand some of my child’s behaviors better!”

The ILC team plans on continuing monthly parent coffee mornings with the goal of helping parents understand how to continue supporting their children at home.