ELG Communities,
We understand the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) might have brought you and your families some anxiety, worry, stress or fear, and we are here to support you wherever you are.

Starting from this week, Dr. Davy Guo, our experienced Psychologist and Mental Health Counsellor, will lead you through four online recorded sessions to reveal the secret and misery behind your emotions, find a way to get a peace of mind, and enjoy more quality time with your children and your beloved ones.

Session #1: A World of Misery

Click the picture above or the link here (https://v.qq.com/x/page/z3066ukp5lr.html) to watch the whole video. 

We are living in a world of obstacles and misery. Suffering is a human condition both psychologically and physiologically. Understanding this conundrum is the first step to focus on what’s really important and live a fulfilling life.

Stay tuned for our next week, when Davy will share more about The Cost of Control.