5349398On Saturday, October 17th Occupational Therapists Chantal Chen and Anne Gerber, covered basics on the field of occupational therapy, the development of fine-motor skills in children aged 0-6, and the development of handwriting skills in older children.

Over 25 people attended the workshop, which included practical components such as sharing in groups, questionnaires and experimenting with different toys and pens that could be used to support fine-motor and handwriting skills. The training ended with a discussion of abnormal patterns and difficulties kids can have with fine-motor and handwriting skills. Chantal and Anne had prepared around 20 station were attendees could experiences how simple activities can support fine-motor and explained how they could use these activities during daily work with children.

ELG and Rotary Club of Shanghai

ELG’s Clinic Director, Fiona Yapp, recently became a Rotarian and an active member of the Rotary Club of Shanghai, the second person in ELG’s Management Team to do so (ELG’s co-founder Andrew Hill is the 2016-2017 President Elect).

Fiona was invited to present on the important topic of child protection at the Rotary Youth Clubs Leadership Training Day, which took place on September 19 that Nanyang Model High School, Shanghai.

Her presentation encouraged all those involved in Rotary activities to demonstrate critical awareness of child protection issues that may be encountered through volunteer and charity work, and take appropriate steps towards safeguarding those in need. Fiona will now serve as an ongoing child protection advisor within the Rotary Club and will continue to support the development of child safeguarding procedures within the international community of Shanghai.

Interns, Volunteers, Visitors…

By Shari Rosen

ELG is fortunate to have been hosting a number of interns and volunteers since the beginning of the school year.

We have 2 students who are studying social work at New York University, Shanghai Campus (NYU).  They work mainly in the clinic but support ILC a few hours per week.

Dr. Jessie is working in our early intervention program as part of her Shanghai United Family Hospital Fellowship training over the next several weeks.

Emma, from China, is gaining experience as she applies to speech language pathology graduate school in the US.

It was a pleasure having. Maxine, a high school student from the Netherlands who was completing community service hours. She was one of my daughter’s close friends before she repatriated several years ago.  She had a great experience and learned a lot from Ms. Letizia’s team: Tiffany and Blair.

Ms. Julia is supporting all ILC programs. She is a college student from Massachusetts and has been studying Chinese.

Finally, Ms. Christina has been an asset to our Life Skills Program (LSP).  She is a trained social worker from Denmark who comes every day to support this group.  Hope you get a chance to meet some of these wonderful people!

ELG at Community Center’s Shanghai 123

Community Center Shanghai, one of ELG’s partners, runs a program for newcomers called Shanghai123. While parents are attending a helpful orientation, ELG has been running a relocation program for children and teens of all ages. The program is run by Mooney Niu, one of ELG’s mental health counselors. Mooney provides a safe and caring environment that allows children to share their hopes and concerns about having recently moved to Shanghai. Through fun play and art-based activities, the children will get excited and start to feel confident about being in Shanghai and commencing their new life.

ELG is thrilled to have been part of these year’s Shanghai123 and looks forward to continuing in the Spring!