“Thank you all for an AMAZING workshop on Saturday. My colleagues and I enjoyed it and are already putting some things in place that we learned!” – Jamie Hoel, Learning Support Teacher at Yew Chung International School of Shanghai

ELG’s 3rd Professional Development Day was held on Saturday, October 29 at the ELG Lujiazui Campus. Over 90 attendees from 18 schools and organizations attended the event, which was provided as a free community service to teachers and teaching support staff who work with children with behavior needs. Workshop sessions shared ready-to-use techniques and practical advice to better equip educators working in special needs classrooms. Participants enjoyed valuable opportunities for networking and collaborating with colleagues, building community across schools in Shanghai.

Welcome to ELG

Co-founder and Managing Director, Monte Rosen, kicked off the day with a special welcome to guests, followed by Clinic Director, Fiona (Yapp) Douglas, who introduced the expert speakers and sessions.

Training Sessions

Participants chose among seven training sessions to better understand children’s behavior and strategize with experts in the field.

  • Preventive Strategies for Classroom Problem Behaviors Using ABA
    Behavior Analyst Joanne Li shared tips on using Applied Behavior Analysis in the classroom. Teachers learned ways to create classroom environments that foster children’s positive behaviors and skills and prevent misconduct.
  • Decoding Behavioral and Sensory
    Joanne Li, Behavior Analyst, and Regina Nicolas Schaufelberger, Physical Therapist, provided an experience-based session to help participants better understand and serve children with sensory issues. The workshop offered strategies to help children adapt and participate fully in daily classroom
  • Introduction to Dramatherapy: Creative approaches for expression, healing and growth
    Everyone was up and out of their seats for Dramatherapist Sarah Bilodeau’s interactive workshop. Participants learned a variety of creative theater techniques that can be used in a classroom setting to help promote children’s overall growth and wellbeing.
  • Classroom Accommodations: Visual schedules
    Dr. Shari Rosen, Company Founder, Program Director, and Speech-Language Pathologist, answered questions from teachers and offered advice for how to work with children with behavioral needs. Special attention was given to implementing visual schedules in the classroom, which can increase independence and reduce anxiety for children with special needs.
  • Individual Work Stations: Creating self-regulated learners
    In this session, Dr. Shari Rosen shared practical tips for setting up and monitoring individual work stations to promote children’s autonomy and time management skills.
  • Managing Difficult Behavior: The language approach
    Speech-Language Pathologist Reyhaneh Rajabzadeh gave teachers step-by-step techniques to assist children in communicating their emotions verbally, helping to reduce frustration and negative, reactive behaviors in the classroom.
  • Avoid Misinterpretation in China: Creating an awareness of culturally shaped behavior
    Mental Health Counselor Mooney Niu explained how some behavior that seems rude or problematic to Western teachers might actually be culture-based. Educators with a deeper understanding of cultural norms and expectations are better equipped to decipher potentially confusing behaviors and reduce conflict in the classroom.

At ELG, we want the best outcomes for children, giving them a chance to improve, develop and reach their full potential. One key to achieving that success is providing educators with ongoing support and opportunities to engage in multi-disciplinary professional development activities.

Upcoming Events

On Thursday, December 1, Sarah Bilodeau will be presenting a free seminar about Dramatherapy from 4:30-6:00 pm. Click here to register.

Our next ELG Professional Development Day, “Motivation is Fun(damental): Practical tips and tools to inspire students to learn” will be held on February 18, 2017. Stay tuned to our website, newsletter, and WeChat for upcoming details about how to register.

*A special thank you to sponsor Epermarket, who provided snacks and refreshments for the event.