On Thursday, April 23rd, Community Center Shanghai (CCS) hosted its first-ever Forum for Expat Service Providers at Parkyard Hotel. The event, which went from 10 am to 3 pm was moderated by Andrew Hill, Rotary Club International President-Elect 2016-2017 and co-founder of the Essential Learning Group.

The purpose of this event was to help connect, support and enable the Shanghai expat business community to better serve its global citizens. Through a series of panel discussions and break-out sessions, senior business leaders and professionals within the community came together to discuss challenges and emerging opportunities. Special emphasis was placed on how business activities are impacting the global families living and working in Shanghai.

Invitees included a wide range of professionals from relocation companies and Chambers of Commerce to expat organizations, HR professionals and international schools, to name a few. Relevant topics such as education, personal wellness and relocation were part of the discussion. CCS presented trends on where future needs and support could be given. The following presenters and panel guests shared their professional expertise, personal experiences and stories:

  • Karen Yuen, Director Asia Pacific Worldwide, ERC
  • Edward Hu, General Manager of Visa Services, FESCO Shanghai
  • Dr. Timothy Foggin, Deputy Medical Director, International SOS
  • Carrie Jones, Counseling Director, Community Center Shanghai
  • Christina Decu, Admissions Director, Western International School Shanghai
  • Preston Kuo, Founder and CEO, China Foundations
  • Wing Dean, Director, CBRE Residential Services Expatriate Mobility
  • Meng Ziang Chy, Business Development Manager, SIRVA
  • Oliver Castling, Business Development Manager South China, Santa Fe Relocation Services


ELG is thrilled to have been part of this event, and we look forward to supporting the community in other endeavors in the future.