How our multidisciplinary intake helps build a support network for families

Signs of developmental delay or a developmental condition are often visible in infancy, and pediatricians are often the first professionals to share concerns with the family.

For parents, receiving this news can be devastating, terrifying and overwhelming. As the Intake Specialist for our Clinic Services, I am the first point of contact for families at these very difficult times.

I’m here to listen to the parents, find out more about their child, and most importantly, welcome them to our community.

One recent example involved a lovely baby boy, under the age of one, with signs of global developmental delay. His mother was heartbroken, but absolutely determined to ensure that he receives the very best support available. I was able to have an in-depth consultation with the full team of Clinic Specialists, to determine the most appropriate next steps for this child. A multi-disciplinary Intake Interview was quickly arranged; he and his mom met with an Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, and Speech-Language Pathologist. Priorities were established, and regular therapy sessions are now underway. Preparations are also being made for him to attend the early intervention program in the near future, to ensure that he is given every chance to reach his full potential at this crucial, early stage in his development.

In this case, the child’s pediatrician has remained actively involved and has been welcomed into our ‘team around the child’. Through this multi-professional and multi-agency approach, therapeutic progress is maximized. Mom and baby are now members of our ELG community. Mom has connected with other parents in similar situations through attending the Innovative Learning Center’s monthly parent coffee mornings. For parents, the situation does not necessarily get any easier with time, but it most certainly helps to be with others who understand.