april banner-01Spring is here! And with it are some exciting changes at ELG.

We just opened up a new Pudong location and are excited to continue serving families in that area as the only special education service provider with designated space in Pudong.

We’re also happy to announce that registration is open for our 7th Annual Summer Program, a fun, therapy-based program, with a focus on developing behavioral, communication and social skills. All ages welcome!
ELG’s Summer Program 2015    June 22nd – August 7th   Monday-Friday, 8:30-12:30

To register and for more information: [email protected], or call 021 5206 6273

Wishing you a sunny and healthy Spring from all of us here at ELG!

b32e1f82-bf7e-43ec-97c6-bbae7b3452a1This Wednesday April 22nd, workshops in both Guangzhou and Shanghai

f029e66a-f89f-45c1-b5b6-b6de3efa3413ELG Academy consists of a series of workshops and other events tailored exclusively to educators, school administrators and other professionals working in the international education communities of East Asia.

Shanghai Upcoming Workshop Apr 22nd Wednesday Understanding Cultural Diversity and Its Effects on Behaviour

Guangzhou Upcoming Workshop Apr 22nd Wednesday Second Language Acquisition During Childhood


Make reading interactive by asking questions and tailoring it to fit your child's interests. (5)

Time for Speech! Reading With Your Child to Help Develop Their Language Skills

In her column this month, Speech-Language Pathologist Reyhaneh Rajabzadeh talks about how reading with your toddlers can help their language acquisition.



Dinosaurs Everywhere! Prehistoric Theme Month at ILC

Dr. Shari Rosen, one of our Founders and the  Program Director of our full-time program, tells us about the benefits of theme-based learning and how Prehistoric Month at The Innovative Learning Center is going.

1b7c8f35-9cfa-4c1c-9c19-328b576fc442“If I had learned like this when I was a kid,  I would probably have done better in school!”

– David, Teen Group Program Assistant,

while he was burying fossils for a “dig”, as part of our Prehistoric Theme Month at The Innovative Learning Center.



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Building a Responsive Clinic in a Transient, International Community

Our exiting Clinic Director, Karlijn De Hoon, shares with us her experience of building a multi-disciplinary, educational and mental health Clinic in Shanghai.

IMG_6752Educational-Psychological Assessments: When (and Why) Should Children Be Assessed

During this time of year, we get a lot of requests to support struggling students. We asked our Educational Psychologist Anne Muurlink to share with us her insights on why teachers might recommend an educational-psychological assessment and how it can be beneficial for parents and children alike.

LOW 2015 Newsletter Template revised 20150119. ai-01-01We are now recruiting for the following positions to be filled immediately or starting August 2015. 

For a full list of available positions at ELG, click here.

Staff Stories: First Impressions of ELG 

Wondering what it’s like to work at ELG? Our staff shared some insights from when they first started!

Josie - Interning and Volunteering at ELGLooking for Interns and Volunteers!

“Being with the children at ILC inspired me to want to work with special needs children. This was something that I had never previously considered.  I learned how important it is to celebrate the smallest achievements for the children, as they often represent a significant change.” Read Josie’s full account of her internship experience at ELG. 

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Lifeline Shanghai is looking for volunteers! 

Lifeline is a confidential, anonymous helpline that provides year-round psychological support and information in English.

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Community Center Shanghai Presents

Forum for Expat Service Providers

Thursday, April 23, 2015, 10 am to 3 pm


ELG Founders Dr. Shari Rosen and Andrew Hill will be speaking at CCS’s event which will address the changing needs of the international community and how international service providers can adjust. Panels and sessions will include discussions on education, mental health and relocation needs with senior business leaders and professionals in our community. Lunch and mingling included! For more information and to register:  www.surveymonkey.com/s/FESP