Little Adam Academy is a pair of free apps that help build math and language skills through curriculum-based learning in English or Chinese interfaces. Little Adam Academy turns learning into fun, interactive games, with the aim to nurture life-long learners.

Designed for children ages two to seven, children play games, solve puzzles, create drawings, and do other activities. With colorful artwork and a reward-based system, children will eagerly practice their skills for at least ten to fifteen minutes per day.

Little Adam – Math learning games for kids” teaches counting, shapes, patterns, subtraction, addition, time, money, and more. Through daily practice, children can progress from basic to advanced levels, collecting Easter Eggs along the way as rewards for solving puzzles.

“Little Adam – English learning course for kids” is divided into twenty-six units, each consisting of six lessons, which teach phonics, pronunciation, new vocabulary, and sentence building.  At the end of the course, your child will have five hundred commonly used words in their vocabulary, and will be able to compose over 150 sentences. This English learning app not only helps increase your child’s vocabulary, it also encourages your child to practice logical thinking. (Note: The Chinese language version of the app is also for English learning.)

Little Adam – Math learning games for kids” and “Little Adam – English learning course for kids” are both available for free (with in-app purchases) in English and Simplified Chinese on iOS.