By Davy Guo, Psychologist

Breathing Bubbles is a simple social-emotional regulation tool that allows children to identify their emotions, let go of their worries, and refocus on feelings of happiness.

Guided by a friendly illustrated character called Manny the Manatee, children are first prompted to select the emotion they are feeling (for example, “mad,” “sad,” “silly,” “worried”), and then rate how strongly they are feeling that particular emotion. Next, they choose whether they want to release a worry or receive a joy.

When a child wants to release a worry, they type in whatever is worrying them, and Manny the Manatee guides the child in a breathing exercise as a bubble floats away, carrying the worry with it.

When your child wants to receive a joy, they type in something that brings them joy, and again the same breathing exercise is employed, with the bubble floating towards the child.

This app is suitable for age 6 to adulthood. Children especially can benefit from the visually soothing tool.

Breathing Bubbles is available for free in English, on iOS and Android.