By Albine Klawatsch, Occupational Therapist, Certified Dyslexia Trainer

app of the MonthThe app “Sound Pairs” is an aural version of the classic card game “Memory”. The app allows users to match the right sounds with beautifully crafted animal drawings to promote auditory memory skills.

Auditory memory is the ability to process information presented orally, analyze it mentally, and store it to be recalled later. Difficulty with auditory memory can impact a child´s educational performance as well as simple daily activities. Listening skills, processing auditory information, and remembering what has been said are all central to learning in a classroom environment (Mense, Debney and Druce, 2006). Children with auditory memory difficulties are at risk for problems with literacy skills too (Rowe et al. 2004).  The ability to learn from oral instructions and explanations is a fundamental skill required throughout life, and it is therefore important that children use these skills consciously. Many children do this intuitively anyway, but some children need help.

Problems that a child could display when struggling with auditory memory perception include:

  • screen480x480Inability to remember and repeat what was heard
  • Becoming frustrated and/or lacking confidence
  • Frequent questions when reciting
  • Appearing to daydream
  • Severe difficulty understanding what was heard
  • Errors with b/p, d/t, g/k
  • Poor vocabulary, frequent repetitions of words
  • Short compositions with poor content
  • Appearing distracted

This educational app can help boost your child’s auditory memory skills and prepare them for school.

  • Includes a complete set of 18 cards and sounds for free
  • Additional sets available
  • Supports one or two player games
  • Various difficulty settings, even for the youngest
  • Different game setups – match sounds with drawings or go classic pairs mode

Sound Pairs is available for free in English and German on iOS.