1. Communicate Efficiently

The Essential Learning Group has a large team of staff members to support our clinic services. You will get your questions answered much faster if you know who to turn to with questions,
Contact our Client Services Team for logistical matters, including locations and directions, (re)scheduling and cancellations, fees and payment, etc.
Contact your Specialist for anything related to the services your family receives, such as updates and reports, alterations in the treatment plan, communications with school, etc.

For early morning or weekend cancellations, please send a text message to our Emergency Phone: +86 156 1898 7880. Sessions canceled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged. Please cancel with ELG directly even for sessions taking place on school campuses.


2. Understand Time Limitations


Your ELG Specialist has a busy schedule helping many children. She often has many appointments, one after the other, and may need to travel during the day to multiple locations. Unfortunately, this leaves little time for a session to start late or run past the ending time.

Remember the “Five Minute Rule” – if you need to chat with the specialist for longer than five minutes then please schedule an appointment so the Specialist can fully focus on your concerns.


 3. Build a “Team of Helpers”

Though parents are the primary contact for our specialists, we at The Essential Learning Group believe in building a Team of Helpers, all aiming to work together to support your family. Help us build a Team of Helpers by involving relevant people at your child’s school, such as his/her teacher, their pediatrician, and other professionals your child is regularly seeing.

We take your privacy very seriously and do not pro-actively approach third parties to share or obtain information. You will be asked to sign consent for this, and you can revoke this consent at any time.


4. Share your Expectations

Our experience is that every family has different expectations and hopes regarding services. Please share what you expect from us, so we can accommodate your needs. Discuss with your specialist what you would like from the sessions, expectations for updates and reports, and any other requests. Please discuss with your specialist if you want to observe or video-tape sessions, for example. Remember that change occurs differently for each child but does not usually occur overnight or after each session. Give your family and the therapist time to establish rapport and trust that you will see positive changes over the long run.

Often, families would like to continue working at home on what is being addressed during therapy. Ask your specialist to set-up a Home Program together with you for maximum effect of the therapy.


 5. Give Feedback

The principle of 改善 (gaishan, or continuous improvement) is one of The Essential Learning Group’s core values. We believe that any and all feedback will allow us to do a better job. If you are unhappy, please let us know. If you are happy, please let us know as well!

Our Clinic Director is always happy to hear from you. Feel free to email or call her or ask to see her when you are in our offices.