1. Our snazzy door decorations rocked.

2. Cuteness overload all over the place.

3. Trick or treating was the best.

 4. There were a bunch of scary mummies.

5. You never knew who might be just around the corner.

6. Forehead relay racing in the occupational therapy room.

7. The Spooky Sensations activity: feeling “intestines”, “eyes” and other gross things.

8. Face painting with a real-life mermaid!

9. Our zombies were the scariest.

10. There was a costume dance party.

11. The Mario Brothers showed up.

12. Our client services team rocked it.

13. Everyone – from kids to ayis – took part in the celebration.

14. Chantal the OT mummy…and Monte.

15. We have the best staff.