By Jeanine Buzali, Marketing Director

Our 10th CNY party – which took place at the very end of January – was among the best events we’ve had yet, and 10 years in, that’s saying something!  Our staff and guests congregated in a Chinese banquet hall (wedding-style, so if it’s good for someone’s special day, it’s great for us!) and welcomed the Year of the Monkey together.

Here are 10 ways it rocked.

1. The near-professional Chinese folk performances, choreographed by Konnie Tang, one of our Program Assistants and dancer extraordinaire.


2. The Spirit of ELG Awards, granted to three staff members who represent ELG’s core values of trustworthiness and service to others (helping children, being a supportive colleague, working to constantly improve the organization).

Carolyn Liu for supporting and helping run The Innovative Learning Center for nine years.

Carolyn Liu for supporting and helping run The Innovative Learning Center for nine years.

Regina Nicolas for her work as a Specialist in The Innovative Learning Center and in the community, as well as for contributing to our summer program for eight years.

Andrew Hill, ELG co-founder and creator of the NGO XiErSen, for his commitment to supporting the community through ELG, the new NGO and through other work such as the Rotary Club of Shanghai.

3. A surprise visit from the Monkey King, embodied by Managing Director Monte Rosen.


4. All-staff and guests (literally, all 90 of us) incredible conga line.



5. The Hakka, a traditional Maori call to action – courtesy of the ELG male staff, then joined by everyone else.



6. Everyone adding A+Game spirit sleeves to their outfits, as part of a community campaign to raise awareness about Austism Spectrum Disorder in China.

7. The fact that the event was organized by our cross-departmental Social Committee and was truly the product of amazing team work.


8. Our Occupational and Physical Therapists Team and their hysterical puppet show and musical quiz.



9. The amazing vocals of Specialists Regina and Kathy.



10.Wrapping up ELG-style – with the best dance party ever.





Jeanine Buzali

Jeanine Buzali

Marketing Director

Jeanine came to Shanghai in 2011, and has previously worked in Mexico City and Mumbai. She uses her community-building experience to implement outreach projects and parternships, in order to bring awareness of our services to any child and family who might need them.