Yaping Zhao


Yaping has had a diverse and international career, including roles as vice president at both the Shanghai Botian Technology Co. and Yihe Investment Groups. She has a great passion for showing the world that “successful Chinese women, who are also dedicated mothers, can have a positive impact on our society”. As a result of Yaping’s life-long interest in supporting children with special needs and their families, she has worked very closely with ELG’s founders to develop and establish their partner non-governmental organization, Xiersen.

When ELG was still in the developmental stages, Yaping grabbed the opportunity with her heart and has committed to fully supporting the endeavor. ELG has played a significant role in Yaping’s life and has been the cornerstone for supporting the growth and development of children with special needs in the local and international community. When the opportunity to branch out into an NGO arose, Yaping seized it with the same enthusiasm that she had expressed a decade before.

For Yaping, it is important that her children see her not only pursuing business interests and running the family, but also helping people who need support and making a meaningful contribution to society. She believes the valuable work that ELG and Xiersen engage in allows her to be the role model that her children need.

Mandarin, Turkish, English