Tiffany Liang

Program Leader
B.A. Arts in English , Shanghai International Studies University

Tiffany Liang completed her education at Shanghai International Studies University and holds a teaching certificate for teaching English in Chinese primary schools. With over 12 years of experience in special education, Tiffany has served as a program leader in ELG, where she has played an integral role in assisting numerous special needs children in their transition back to mainstream schools from special education institutions.
Tiffany employs a blend of visual and movement exercises to enhance children’s attention, thinking habits, and emotional control. She works closely with interdisciplinary experts, project staffs, and families to improve the effectiveness and quality of interventions, ensuring that each child receives a personalized and comprehensive education.
Tiffany’s philosophy centers around the belief that a child’s future should be defined by their strengths. She is deeply committed to facilitating a healthier, happier, more inclusive, and equitable life for all children.

Mandarin, English