Shu Peng

Senior Educational Psychologist
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, University of Missouri, St. Louis, U.S.
M.Ed. in Community Counseling, University of Missouri, St. Louis, U.S.
Bilingual Educational Psychologist

Dr. Peng Shu has over ten years of experience in international education, educational psychology assessment, child and adolescent development, and family counseling. Her professional interests and expertise lies in utilizing comprehensive psychoeducational assessments and other methods tounderstand the well-being and competencies of children and adolescents in a multicultural context. As a leader of a multidisciplinary team, she also has a deep understanding of child development and family-school relationships.As a senior educational psychologist, she has extensive experience in providing psychoeducational assessment and counseling to children and families in international settings, and is able to provide services in both English and Chinese.She excels in utilizing comprehensive assessment tools to evaluate cognitive, academic, memory and learning, attention and social-emotional skills, as well as identifing and addressing developmental and learning disorders, including ADHD, ASD, dyslexia, and dyscalculia. She has also received training in the OG(Orton-Gillingham) approach and the Triple P Positive Parenting Program, which enables her to better support children and their parents. Additionally, she has worked as a clinician and leader in multidisciplinary teams in Beijing and Shanghai, where she gained a holistic understanding of child development and accumulated experience and skills in working with people from different professional and cultural backgrounds.She recently served as the leader of a family learning center dedicated to lifestyle enhancement and well-being, an experience that provided her with the opportunity to broaden her horizons, understand positive thinking, continue to learn, view relationships holistically, and continue to develop herself. She firmlybelieves in holistic development and lifelong learning. She finds herself on a mission to help individuals understand themselves and others, recognize their weaknesses, leverage their strengths , and assist them in reaching their full potential.

Mandarin, English