Therapeutic Services

From the moment you contact us, understanding your concerns and meeting your needs are at the center of everything we do.

ELG’s multidisciplinary and educational services provide a wide range of assessments, therapy sessions, screenings, observations, and consulting services. Our great variety of services are centralized into one practice, enabling us to work collaboratively and holistically to devise the best strategies to help our children grow in the therapy room and in the world beyond it.

Mental Health Services

Counseling and related services for children, adolescents and adults.

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Developmental Services 

Evidence-based therapeutic services, assessments and observations in developmental areas such as speech-language, fine and gross motor and sensory integration.

Educational Psychology and Behavioral Services

Psycho-educational assessments, Applied Behavior Analysis, Learning Support services, and more.

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Resources for Parents

Online educational resources, useful links about China and our favorite books!

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The first step in our process is an Intake, in which you and your child meet with a specialist to discuss your concerns. Only after a thorough discussion can you determine what is best for your child or family, whether it be waiting for a few months, conducting an assessment, starting therapy or referring to another professional for follow-up.

Our working schedule is synchronized with the academic calendars of Shanghai schools. We regularly make home and school visits and can accommodate many other needs. In addition to providing services based on best practices, we also try to accommodate almost any travel, scheduling or language-assistance needs.

We pride ourselves on finding individualized solutions even in the most unusual or challenging cases. If you aren’t sure, then ask!

“The ELG staff are genuine, authentic, caring, dedicated, patient and always on the lookout for the best possible outcome for each child.”

–  ELG Parent