We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, but we know that it’s also useful to have a wealth of wider resources and additional reading readily available.

Educational and Parenting Resources

Learning Disabilities Online – an extensive online guide giving information and advice about teaching children with learning disabilities and ADHD, including instructional strategies and teaching solutions.

Understood – Providing support and information to parents and families of children with learning difficulties, their resources include access to a secure online community and expert advice, as well as practical parenting tips.

Shanghai Resources

Shanghai Anglo Information – An online expat community providing helpful information on healthcare resources and procedures in Shanghai, as well as general information, such as things to do and places to see.

Community Center Shanghai – With 3 locations in the city, they organize a wide range of activities and events including bazaars, classes, seminars, and language services.

Walk In My Shoes (WIMS) – A parent-to-parent support group held in the Community Centre here in Shanghai, focusing specifically on finding solutions to parenting and other concerns related to special needs. They meet on the first Friday of every month and welcome newcomers.