We’ve taken tips from our specialists to put together this helpful list of online resources that will be useful to any professional in special education.

Learning Disabilities Online – an extensive online guide giving information and advice about teaching children with learning disabilities and ADHD, including instructional strategies and teaching solutions.

Special education resources available to support educators and healthcare professionals.

We offer oppurtunities for families to access support and advice when needed.

TeacherVision – Another comprehensive online resource compilation focused on providing information, advice, curriculum guidance, strategies and classroom management techniques aimed towards teaching students with special needs effectively.

Special Education Resources for General Educators (SERGE) – a more condensed compilation of resources that focuses on answering the main questions associated with teaching those with special needs.

Do2Learn – another online resource that more specifically offers guidance and templates for classroom activity materials such as games, songs and communication cards for special education educators, as well as more general information and guidance on teaching those with special needs.

TeachingNomad – an online platform designed to connect and place educators with various schools in Shanghai, whilst also providing resources and connections for further certification and development.