Pearly Teo

Educational Psychologist  
Ph.D. of Philosophy, Monash University Australia 
M.A. Educational Psychology, Monash University Australia 
B.A., Social Sciences with Honours in Psychology, National University of Singapore 
B.A., Statistics and Psychology, National University of Singapore 

Pearly Teo is an educational psychologist with extensive experience in psychological assessment and research of children with special educational needs in Singapore and Australia. She has worked in the Ministry of Education in Singapore and taught at Monash University, specializing in providing comprehensive assessments of each child’s unique learning strengths and needs. She has established a good rapport with her clients and has published research articles and presented at various conferences. Now at ELG, Pearly continues her passion for working closely with children, employing a strength-based and multimodal assessment approach. Her goal is to help people understand individual differences and provide tailored interventions for students with diverse abilities. Pearly collaborates with schools by running awareness workshops, screenings/assessments, and intervention practices to build their capacity in support services. 

Mandarin, English